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Elder Law of Nashville PLC offers a range of legal services to help you plan for the future and preserve your legacy. Our estate planning packages include powers of attorney for financial and healthcare decisions, living wills, and advanced directives. Every family’s estate plan will be based on their unique financial and personal circumstances.

Questions You Should Consider as You Write Your Will

Most people have some idea of the importance of having a will. A will specifies your wishes for your estate after you pass away. It lets both the courts and your family know your wishes. Having a will can offer you and your family peace of mind in the wake of tragedy. However, many families don’t consider the importance of having a living will, though having both a will and a living will are both important aspects of estate planning.

What is the difference between a will and a living will?

The biggest difference between a will and a living will is the period of time when each instrument goes into effect. A will is used after you pass away to distribute assets to your family and loved ones. A living will instructs family members and loved ones about your wishes regarding your financial matters and your medical wishes should you become too ill or incapacitated to make these decisions for yourself.

For instance, individuals sometimes become too ill or incapacitated to make important financial or medical decisions before they die. This can happen if a younger person is involved in a car accident or if an older person is diagnosed with a progressive illness. This is where a living will can be important. A living will can let your family and medical professionals know your wishes regarding medical treatment, including whether you want resuscitation. Sometimes families face serious medical decisions without guidance when an individual doesn’t have a living will on file. This is why writing a living will should be part of any estate planning process.

The attorneys at Elder Law of Nashville PLC are estate planning lawyers who can help you and your family ask the tough questions now in order to avoid stress, distress, and grief later. Our firm offers compassionate and caring guidance to families and individuals in all life stages. It is never too early or too late to begin estate planning. Many individuals think about estate planning during major life events: a marriage, the birth of a child, or retirement. If you are considering beginning an estate plan, visit the estate planning law firm professionals at Elder Law of Nashville PLC today.

You have a family member with a disability.

The issues are extremely similar for families with a disabled family member as they are for the families of seniors. How will you get and pay for health care? What is the best living arrangement? What services is your family member qualified for? Contact us for a consultation if you need help.

What an Estate Planning Attorney Does

Aside from the last will and testament, often the only task people think an estate lawyer does, your attorney will work on several other factors to protect you and your family. They will coordinate transfers of affairs, handle tax issues, protect your beneficiaries from creditors and truly represent your desires upon your departure.

One of the significant things an estate planning attorney does is work on your behalf, in the event you are mentally or physically unable to communicate your legal desires. This means that you ultimately have control over what happens, even if you’re unable to express it verbally or physically. This can be beneficial in the event of health care directives, guidance for your family at your time of medical need, and designate others to look after your affairs if you’re unable.

Reasons to Hire an Attorney

Probate – Avoiding and Foreshadowing

Most of us aren’t thinking about “probate” daily, and you might not really understand its full context in estate affairs. If you’re unfamiliar with this term or action; this is when someone handles your matters, heirs, and creditors. If you do not have a Nashville estate planning attorney, the court will designate someone to handle this. Unfortunately, this might complicate what happens to your possessions, finances, and heirs. An estate planning lawyer will foresee what is to come and plan accordingly to ensure your affairs are only handled by the persons designated in your will and associated documents. 

State Tax Reductions

It is a devastating thought, that state taxes could wipe out the majority of the inheritance you leave your family or your family leaves to you. This is one of the more significant reasons why people hire an estate planning attorney. Basic financial planning with your attorney can eliminate or significantly reduce the tax burden on your loved ones. This can be done through trusts and other legal strategies that aim to protect your effects. 

Protect Beneficiaries and Your Assets

You can protect your minor beneficiaries from adults, or protect adult beneficiaries from making poor decisions by using a Nashville estate planning lawyer. This will alleviate some of the confusion or misuse of your financial assets. At the same time, your estate planning attorney will better be able to protect your assets while you are still alive and after your death. If any lawsuits are filed against you or your estate, it will be too late to protect your assets. An estate attorney can plan for these situations to ensure your assets are protected today and tomorrow.

Should I create a will or a revocable trust?
Before you choose between a will or a revocable trust, you should speak to the estate planning attorneys at Elder Law of Nashville. Either approach has its benefits and drawbacks. It takes careful understanding of your family’s situation and the nature and extent of your assets to craft the right plan for you.

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