Medicaid Planning

Preserve your assets, maximize care options, and minimize costs with Medicaid Planning.


Helping Those in Crisis

Medicaid Planning in Nashville, TN

We help families in a crisis. Perhaps you’ve just been told that your spouse or parent cannot come home after a fall or other event and must go into a nursing home. We can help that person qualify for benefits and get the care they deserve. If you want to plan ahead, we can help you preserve assets, maximize care options, and minimize costs.

How Medicaid Planning works

People who enter a nursing home usually pay for it in one of three ways; (1) with their own resources, (2) with long term care insurance, or (3) with government assistance—Medicaid, called “TennCare” here in Tennessee. Generally, only the well-to-do can pay for an extended period of nursing home care with private resources, because nursing home care is very expensive. For example, in the Nashville area in 2022, a private room in a nursing home averaged about $90,000 a year. And, of course, the cost goes up each year.

How can we help?

Here’s what you get with the life care planning program




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